How it works

We learn about our client’s unique needs and circumstances then apply our collective knowledge and experience to give them the greatest chance at a successful implementation of technology.

Whether it is a full design system, engineering drawings, liaising with specialists, proof on concept testing, project management or even occasional magic…

Mavrik Systems Consulting, Ltd will put technology to work for you!

Technology Consulting & Project Management

Why engage Mavrik?

The industry-standard approach lacks a sophisticated methodology and process for properly planning, setting expectations, and delivering a technology project. We have identified several common deficiencies and built our consulting services to address them.

Figure it out later

AKA ``winging it``. Installers often enter a project without needs analysis, scope of project, documentation, bench testing or proof of concept. Planning to fail by failing to plan.

Begin with the end in mind

Our process centers on this concept, we always consider the end result and work back from there. We do not trust success to chance.

Equipment list only

Most ``proposals`` we see are nothing more than parts lists. No documentation to explain to the user what the system is going to do nor how it is going to operate. Often these lists are excluding key components or include superfluous parts.

Creating Expectations

We are fastidious with regard to setting and following through on expectations. This is a core element of our process and path to success.

You are a tech expert

We are sure you are great at what you do - we do not expect you to be an expert in technology also. Our guess is that you probably do not care about the specs of your hardware, but just want a reliable and easy to use system.

The Experience is what matters

We will not waste your time telling you about how many gigawatts the flux capacitor can handle or try to impress you with our technobabble. We will just create a solution that provides great performance and is easy to use.

Longer than you think

Many businesses underestimate the requirements, especially in terms of time and project management, to complete a project successfully. Hence, they are not able to properly communicate, schedule, and support a project.

We know what it takes

We like to say we won’t be learning as we go, we’ve done it all before. Our experience and understanding of the process behind the project is key to our added value and success.

What Mavrik brings into the equation

Mavrik Systems Consulting


We do not experiment, we’ve done it all before. We know what questions to ask, how to communicate ideas, and what it takes to deliver a successful project.

Mavrik Systems Consulting


Frustration is a product of mismanaged expectations. We define, manage, and confirm expectations at every step of our process.

Mavrik Systems Consulting

Value Added

Our consulting service not only pays for itself by avoiding mistakes, saving time, and eliminating excess parts but also results in a superior user experience.

Mavrik Systems Consulting


We believe trust is the most valuable commodity. Within our organization and with our clients we cultivate trust on every project at every level.

Our Services

System Development – Doing the right things

Needs Analysis

Discover and evaluate goals.


Define expectations and document system operation.


Create a blueprint of system configuration.

Tender Process

Find the right team for the project.

Quality Survey

Ensure process and plan are being followed.

Review & Sign off

Vet final project against design.

Project Management – Doing things right


Liaise with trades & specialists.


Organize proper sequence of events.

Cost Management

Keep project on budget.

Risk Management

Identify and mitigate problems.

Proof of Concept

Do not trust success to chance!

Design Review

Vet proposals for errors/evaluate solutions.
Mavrik Systems Consulting

Mavrik Systems Consulting, Ltd. has been in business since 1997 and conducts world wide operations from our offices near Chicago, Illinois, Kansas City, Missouri and Princeton, Wisconsin.  We have a positive and enthusiastic culture, and we love what we do.

We are a small team of experts, hired guns, often called in to help our clients maximize benefits from their investment in technology. The scopes of our past projects include residential systems from one room to 40,000 square feet, board rooms, classrooms and college campuses, show control, casinos, theme parks, multi-dwelling buildings, training rooms, and yachts.

Contact us today, we would love to hear about your project!

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