How it works

We learn about your project and internal process then help you determine and define expectations, and develop and deploy the solution.

Along the way we apply our team approach and proven methods to complement your existing structure. We are more than outsourced specialists, we are an integrated and trusted part of your organization.

Whether you are a systems integrator, small business, college, government entity, homeowner, or Fortune 500 company – we can provide you a solution to help make your business grow, your employees communicate more efficiently, your students engage, your training rooms more effective, and your home smarter.

Mavrik Systems Consulting, Ltd has been helping our partners around the world harness the power of technology for 20 years, let us show you what we can do for you!

Software Development - How It Works

Why engage Mavrik?

Partnering with Mavrik makes your clients happy and your organization prosper!

Variable Cost

Our services are a cost-effective alternative to a staff programmer. Only pay when needed.

Scalable Resource

Our services can bridge the gap as you grow your business or we can be your dedicated development team.

Instant Experts

Partner with us and you instantly have a team with the skill set and bandwidth to facilitate complex systems or provide new services.

Opportunity Cost

Offload tedious backend work to our experts and focus on building relationships and making more sales!

Profit Center

Our services increase the bottom line directly and in ways which are harder to quantify – eliminating problems before they happen, higher end-user satisfaction, and creating new opportunities.

Leverage Experience

We have seen many different approaches and know what works – as well as what does not.

Superior Product

All our programmers do is program! Many in-house developers wear many hats which makes it difficult to hone their craft.

Set Expectations

Use our project definition process to set, manage and meet expectations. No surprises and no frustration!

Sales Support

We assist your team to engineer optimum solutions and close the deal!

What Mavrik brings into the equation

Mavrik Systems Consulting


In 20 years of business, we have seen it all!

Leverage our proven value-added process and methods to ensure success!

Mavrik Systems Consulting

Team Approach

We are a TEAM of developers, not just one person. This provides REDUNDANCY.

We follow a consistent methodology and structure – every time. This means that we can pick up and hand off projects without missing a beat.

Mavrik Systems Consulting


We develop software full time – we are pretty good at it.

We are constantly learning, sharpening the saw, to take advantage of emerging tech and validate its viability.

As partners with several manufacturers, we have a direct line to top-tier tech support to assist with hardware issues.

Mavrik Systems Consulting


We believe trust is the most valuable commodity. Within our organization and with our clients we cultivate trust on every project on every level.

We strive to develop lasting relationships with our partners.

Our Services

  • Crestron Development (CAIP/CSP since 2002)
  • QSC & Audio DSP Development
  • Conference/Collaboration Systems
  • Design, Engineering & Documentation
  • Commissioning & User Training
  • Troubleshooting Existing Systems
  • Proof of Concept
  • Sales Engineering
Mavrik Systems Consulting

Mavrik Systems Consulting, Ltd. has been in business since 1997 and conducts world wide operations from our offices near Chicago, Illinois, Kansas City, Missouri and Princeton, Wisconsin.  We have a positive and enthusiastic culture, and we love what we do.

We are a small team of experts, hired guns, often called in to help our clients maximize benefits from their investment in technology. The scopes of our past projects include residential systems from one room to 40,000 square feet, board rooms, classrooms and college campuses, show control, casinos, theme parks, multi-dwelling buildings, training rooms, and yachts.

Contact us today, we would love to hear about your project!

Clients & Past Projects